Happiness is a bad goal?

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Happiness is a bad goal?
January 7, 2023

The Pursuit of Happiness is a Misnomer

We all strive for happiness. We’re told to be happy, that it should be our goal in life and that if we reach it, we will have found success. But what if we told you that the pursuit of happiness is actually a misnomer? What if happiness isn’t the goal at all? Let’s explore why happiness isn’t always the best target to aim for in life.

Happiness Is Fleeting
The truth is, happiness isn’t something that can be reached and kept forever. It comes and goes like the tide, ebbing and flowing with our lives. When we rely on something as fleeting as emotions to measure success in our lives, we will inevitably be disappointed. It can be hard to accept, but being constantly happy is not realistic or achievable—and it doesn’t necessarily equate with true success or contentment.

Seeking Happiness Can Lead To Unhappiness
When you are seeking out an emotion like happiness, you are also inviting other emotions into your life as well—emotions like disappointment or frustration when things don’t go your way or when you don’t feel the level of contentment you think you should feel. This can lead to more unhappiness than if you had simply focused on living your life with no expectations set around how happy you should be feeling at all times.

Contentment Should Be The Goal
Rather than chasing after an emotion that is impossible to sustain long-term, instead focus on feeling truly content with your life overall—content with where you are going even when times are tough and content knowing that it won’t last forever and things will change eventually. Contentment allows us to enjoy moments of happiness without relying on them to make us feel successful or fulfilled in life.  

At its core, true success lies in finding contentment rather than hoping for perpetual joy from moment to moment throughout our lives. Contentment means acknowledging the good moments along with the bad ones and understanding that both will pass over time just like waves coming ashore on a beach front. When we shift away from looking for constant joy and towards finding genuine contentment within ourselves no matter what situation we find ourselves in, only then can true fulfillment follow suit! So take a step back from looking for pure joy alone; choose instead to seek out genuine contentment in your day-to-day life. You'll find yourself much more fulfilled than if you had just been chasing after fleeting moments of bliss!

Achieving Happiness with Your Marketing Efforts

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your marketing efforts and are struggling to find the positive in it, you’re not alone. Many of us feel a sense of dread when we think about marketing, because it can be difficult to measure success and see the impact that our efforts make. However, there is a way to feel content and joyful about your marketing efforts —and it starts with understanding why marketing is important and how to create a better relationship with it.

Why Marketing is Important
Marketing helps you reach your goals. It’s an essential part of any business strategy and can be used to increase brand awareness, drive sales, build relationships with customers, increase customer loyalty, and more. When done correctly, it can help you achieve the success you desire. So rather than viewing marketing as something tedious or overwhelming, try to focus on how important it is for your business growth.

Creating a Better Relationship With Marketing
It’s time to create a better relationship with marketing! Here are some tips for how to do just that:

-Take time for yourself every day. This could mean going for a walk or taking up yoga —whatever brings you joy. Taking some “me time” will help you achieve clarity so that when you return to work your ideas will be more focused and creative.

-Set achievable goals for yourself. Setting realistic expectations will make the process less daunting and more enjoyable; plus, it will give you something tangible to strive towards.

-Delegate tasks if possible. If there are tasks that someone else can do instead of yourself (like outsourcing design work), then do so! This will free up time for other areas of your business that require your attention and expertise — like developing new strategies or creating content — which can be much more rewarding than mundane tasks like designing logos or banners all day long!  

-Focus on the positives of what you have achieved so far — even if they seem small in comparison! Celebrate each milestone by rewarding yourself with something special; this will help motivate you in future endeavors too!  

Marketing can often feel like an uphill battle but by shifting your mindset into one of positivity, gratitude and appreciation for what has been achieved so far (no matter how small!), it can quickly become one of the most rewarding tasks in running a successful business. By following these steps, I hope that you'll soon be feeling content about your content marketing efforts – allowing them to bring joy instead of overwhelm into your life!​

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